LCSC Qualifier

EVERYONE can participate in the LCSC qualifying competition and have fun!

The LCSC qualifier is an online competition and takes place on CTFd in the frame of the openECSC.

Up to 15 challenges shall be solved between 24 April and 14 May 2023 at any date or time you want to!

If you are hot to join the Luxembourg National Team and you fulfill the qualification requirements*, you need to register!

The best players of the LCSC qualifier will advance to the next level: LCSC Finals.

*Qualification requirements for the LCSC finals and ECSC:

  • Born after 31 December 1997
  • LU citizenship or permanent LU residency

By the way:

logo-letzpwn if you want to meet the LU CTF/Cybersec Community, get in contact with LetzPwn